One quick thing you can do daily to save your neck - learn to sit up straight properly.

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

It's no surprise in this day and age that we all have sore neck and shoulders. Make this one quick change whenever you remember and your neck will hurt less!

Stack you head onto your neck, onto your ribs, onto your pelvis.

Good afternoon lovely readers! I have been doing a lot of work at the computer of late which I am not accustomed to anymore. Unfortunately, although I am a Pilates instructor, I am also human and get into the zone and forget about my posture every now and then. Add to that the regular forward posture required to breast feed, and I am developing rounded shoulders and a sore neck.

So the answer is sit up straight - well sort of. Often, sitting up straight is done with too much gusto, the ribs get thrust way forward and there is still improper alignment which leads to back pain in the lower thoracic part of your back - just under the shoulder blades.

What I'd rather you did this:

1) sit right on the tips of your sit bones. Move the butt flesh out of the way if you need help to feel them.

2) gently draw yourself upwards - think a string out of the crown of the head is pulling you up to the ceiling

3) align your ribs over your pelvis, then your head above your ribs.

4) gently draw your chin towards your throat to lengthen the back of the neck

If you can make sure your screen is at head height brilliant, if you're using a laptop this may be a little more challenging so take a few more breaks to check in and realign yourself.

Good luck and remember to share with anyone you think may also benefit from stacking themselves up at the computer to help with neck pain.

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