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Unwind Pilates Studio - Whitebridge

Unwind Pilates Studio is located in Whitebridge NSW, Australia. It is the result of years of dreaming and a genuine desire to help every client to stand taller and move with purpose, regardless of their starting point. It is a fully equipped pilates studio meaning it has a Reformer, Trapeze table, Wunda chair as well as a spine corrector and a large number of small props that will help you or challenge you depending on what you need. We offer Pilates classes on the equipment Tuesday to Thursday 9am - 4:30pm.  These classes are kept at a maximum of three people to ensure that you get personalised attention while you move. 

Unwind Pilates Studio is owned by Laura - a pilates devotee for nearly 10 years, a pilates teacher for over five and a mum of two little boys. Laura had a pop up studio in the back of Maxy and Mimi coffee shop but is now happily back at home (read blog post about that). The advantage of working from home is that Laura can accommodate kids too in a well equipped and child proofed toy room conveniently attached to the studio. Bring the kids along and let them play while Laura puts you through your paces.


Laura has extensive training in pre and post natal fitness and having being through two pregnancies herself, really understands what a woman's body needs after growing, birthing and caring for a baby. Regardless of where you are in your postnatal journey, Laura will be able to get you moving more efficiently and feeling longer and leaner in no time. 

She also has ample experience working with clients with no kids or with adult children.  She understands the importance of resistance training to increase bone density and can also work with specific fitness modalities to ensure optimal performance in your given sport.

She understands the importance of forming a community when you have children and as a result, also teaches a mum and bub mat class every Wednesday in Dudley.  The postnatal pilates class is held next door to the fabulous coffee shop - Maxy and Mimi's and they have been kind enough to offer all mums 10% off their coffee after class. Laura hopes to create a community where mums of any aged children can come and move in a judgement free space.


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Unwind Pilates Studio

Justine Avenue, Whitebridge NSW 2290

Tel: 0413 485 059


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