This is the first step for any new clients. We will go over your medical history, discuss your goals and introduce you to the equipment that you will come to know and love.

We offer 30 minute and 55 minute sessions depending on your needs. Once finished we will help you find the pack that best suits your needs.

55 minutes

Initial Consult


This session is just you and the instructor. This is a great option if you are new to pilates, have an injury or have very specific goals that you are working towards and want some very focused attention for.

55 minutes

Private Session

This session has a ratio of two clients to one instructor and is somewhere between a private and group session.  Great if you want to workout with a friend, family member or partner. You will still have a specific program for your needs and goals.

55 minutes

Duet Session


This session has a ratio of four clients to one instructor. It is the most cost effective way to get a pilates workout. You will still have a specific program for your needs and goals that will be developed for you after your initial consultation. Your instructor will guide you through your program and continue to teach you new exercises while you learn how to move independently through those that you are familiar with.

55 minutes

Small Group Session


This class is the perfect way to get a workout in when you are short on time. Initially these were developed for mums who still wanted to work on the equipment but found an hour too long with kids in tow. I decided that there is a place for these however and have them available for non parents too now.

Kids are able to attend these classes but please note there is no babysitting service,  Children are free to play near you in the studio while your instructor guides you through your specific workout. These classes are limited but more can be added if there is a demand. Get in touch if you want to come at a particular time.

30 minutes

Express Studio Session

Every Wednesday come and let our certified post natal instructor get you moving again and have some much needed YOU time. The kids are welcome to be near you or move around in the space playing with the other kids while we get your pelvic floor, core, back and shoulders stronger and working more efficiently to help you carry and raise your little one more easily.  Afterwards, there is coffee/tea next door at Maxy and Mimi's and a chance to catch up with your new friends. Please note - there is no babysitting service but all kids are welcomed.

45 minutes

Mums and Bubs mat class

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