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Wunda Chair
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Why Studio Pilates?

Studio pilates is performed on three major pieces of equipment - the reformer, the trapeze table and the wunda chair and a variety of smaller pieces and props. Using the springs on these machines, exercises can be made more or less challenging depending on the needs and goals of each individual client. When we meet for the first time, we will discuss these goals and a program will be developed just for you. 


Whether it be trying to close an abdominal separation, improvements in overall strength and flexibility or the desire to increase balance and make it easier to get up and down from the ground - studio pilates can help you to achieve these outcomes. 


Classes are capped to three clients so that I can get to each of you regularly throughout the class to ensure that you get the most out of each exercise. I use verbal, visual and tactile cues to assist you to be optimally aligned before you start each exercise and as you move from one to the next. As you progress and learn, you will be able to self adjust to get even more out of it. Pilates is not a repetitive workout. It will change with you as strength develops.  Yes, some exercises will become familiar but I promise you it will never be boring. 

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