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Laura - owner of Unwind Pilates Studio

Well hello there - I'm Laura, owner and teacher at Unwind Pilates Studio. I usually teach inside my home studio in Whitebridge, Newcastle. I decided to close it down when social distancing started and am not sure when I will be reopening. 

For now though, you need to move, I need to move, we all need to move to help with our mental health during this Covid-19 situation. 

Please scroll through to find all the ways that I can help you to move better for your mental health

Free Zoom classes

Every week I teach three free 30 minute mat classes via Zoom. These will be multi level and open to anyone that wants to move along with me at home. Most of the time you just need a mat but occasionally we may use other props like couch cushions, tins of food or toilet paper as a prop.

Class times are as follows

Tuesday 8pm AEST

Thursday 9am AEST

Thursday 8pm AEST

All I ask is that you book in beforehand. This is so that I can get in touch after class to make sure you got the most out of each class. It also helps me get abetter idea of who is attending live and whether I should continue this after the restrictions are lifted

Free YouTube


I understand that these times will not work for everyone. They may not work for most but I have two small kids and ultimately they are the only times that work for me at the moment. I want to make sure that I give clear cues for the moves that we do and I just can't do it with two toddlers on top of me.

Don't fret through, I upload all of the workouts onto my YouTube channel. I also have a three week challenge in there. This was done over Christmas and New Year and only requires 10-15 minutes a day. The videos are sorted into various playlists for you so that you can work single body parts or the whole body. 

If you enjoy a class, all I ask is that you let someone else know who could really benefit from some pilates. Send them to my socials, forward them an email. Hearing from someone you trust is honestly the greatest way to get someone started on a new movement journey.

Finally, if you want to read the most recent newsletter that goes over all of this and has a small workout pleasse find it below

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